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Silent Temptress

1st March, 2012. 11:52 pm. 1912 Sewing Project

What??!!? It can't be March already. But that's what the calendar says so I guess it has to be true.

This new adventure that I'm undertaking should be interesting. It is the 1912 Titanic Sewing Project, which can be found here: http://vpll1912project.org/

My first pattern hasn't come out yet, but in the mean time there was a challange pattern offered. So of course I was interested in working on anything and a Princess Slip sounded like a great thing. Got the pattern in email and got it to print out in the right size and then had to find space to tape all the piecse together, without too much dog hair in the tape.

Once they were together I traced them out onto some thin interfacing and got everything cut out. And of course, wouldn't you know that about that time the prep for the big sale at work kicked up and my spare time seemed to vanish. So with a pile of muslin, some lace stand-in, and a spool of ribbon sitting on the sewing table looking forelornly at me every day I haven't gotten much done.

But next week, next week the sale will be over and its back to sewing at scheduled. And hopefully by that point the camera and computer will be talking to each other so that I can post some pictures as well.

Until next time, Happy Sewing.

Current mood: tired.

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8th August, 2010. 9:08 pm. Writer's Block: Pleasure, little treasure

Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

I have a little stuffed moose that goes everywhere. My sister has one too and they get their pictures taken wherever we go and have a whole photo album to themselves.

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11th November, 2009. 9:21 pm. Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
TSO's Beethoven's Last Night because I'm already addicted to it and haven't listened to much else in the past two months. I highly suggest it if you haven't listened to this one yet.

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4th June, 2009. 9:13 pm. Writer's Block: Grimm Question

What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?
I had two favorites, The Twelve Dancing Slippers and Rumpelstiltskin. Though I prefered the Grimm Brothers version over others.

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13th April, 2009. 11:16 pm. Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice

What is your favorite old-school video game?
I would have to go with Pac-Man as it was the only one I could get past level one on. Sad, yes, I know.

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2nd March, 2009. 11:22 pm. Writer's Block: Desert Island Time

You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Pirates of the Caribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Sweeney Todd
Nightmare Before Christmas
Sleeping Beauty

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1st February, 2009. 9:27 pm. Writer's Block: Super Sunday

Which is the better game: the Superbowl or the Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl!! You don't need to understand any wierd rules to understand it and its fun watching my dogs want to play them.

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29th January, 2008. 10:54 pm. fun fun

A more direct link to my designs, if you are so inclined.

Current mood: excited.

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28th January, 2008. 10:10 pm. will you help me??

So last week on Project Runway the challange involved Levi 510 jeans and Trucker Jackets. Well Levi has created a challange for the average person to design a new look for them.

Since I love designing and a good chalange I thought I'd give it a try. So I have come up with two designs that I have submitted. Here's where I need your help.

Only twenty of the designs will make it into the final judging, and you could help any of the designs get there. (of course I'm hoping you'll help mine, but I won't tell you you can't pick others too) So go to this website to view the designs. Mine won't be up for a day or two, I'll post back when they are, but you could go look now and get registered.

Oh, and just by registering and voting you get a chance at winning prizes.

Current mood: accomplished.

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29th December, 2007. 4:03 pm.

In 2008, killerangels13 resolves to...
Find a better eeyore.
Learn to play the theatre.
Cut down on my sewing.
Get back in contact with some old stuffed animals.
Go to wine every Sunday.
Find a new cheese.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Current mood: crafting.

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